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Blast to the Past and Looking Forward

What a full day of engagement with people, ideas, and learning here at the EDUCAUSE Annual ELI 2013 Conference!  I attended the Horizon Report 2013 Higher Education Report session this evening! This report identifies key emerging technologies in higher education … Continue reading

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Playful Beginnings – Scouting thru Texting

A few years back I had the unique opportunity to meet Lee Sheldon at Game Education Summit where he shared his multi-player classroom design. As an avid gamer his worked captured my imagination. In 2012, he released The Multi-player Classroom: … Continue reading

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High Hopes and Plunk

Welcome to my blog and perhaps I should share a few things about myself since most of the blogs I read kind-of begin this way.  I am a learner, and find that I continually seek out new ‘stuff’ to learn, … Continue reading

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