High Hopes and Plunk

Welcome to my blog and perhaps I should share a few things about myself since most of the blogs I read kind-of begin this way.  I am a learner, and find that I continually seek out new ‘stuff’ to learn, so a career in higher education isn’t such a big surprise and I have been told “you seem to know about all kinds of stuff” – guilty.

I am also a gamer and when I think about my life’s journey I can sum it up pretty easily with the story of Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom, an early Disney animated film. Cavemen evolve over time, mishaps and adventures happen along the way, and collaboration makes some beautiful noise.  I am on a guest in the land of high hopes and plunk!

About Mary Kayler

Learner. Gamer. Working in Higher Education.

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