Multi-Player Classroom

Participatory Play – Games Without Walls

“traditional teaching methods just can’t compete with their [students] EPIC expectations”
(Elmoe, p. 176)

I have to give a big shout out to Lee Sheldon who I met a few years back at Game Summit when we shared our ideas and experiences of using games in education. I haven’t really had a space to create a multi-player classroom until I accepted a new position at University of Mary Washington.

I am so pumped about teaching this course! I created a whole host of expansion packs for students to create, numerous ‘hard core’ guild project, and various quests and have thrown in a few gamification elements as well. We will be kicking off the course with three weeks in World of Warcraft. I think game theory is such an underdeveloped pedagogy that offers tremendous opportunities for constructivist learning and I excited to “live” this teaching pedagogy in a big way. I will be blogging more about my course in the upcoming semester.

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